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Ayumi Matsuda

Based in Amsterdam, Ayumi Matsuda is a professional musician that has dedicated her life’s works to music and performance. Over the years perfecting her practice in the fields of music and other mediums including visual and performance arts


Besides her own work. Ayumi gives workshops and private lessons and often collaborates with other artists such as the ensemble De Blauwe Lijster  with Yvonne Rietbergen, the theatre group  JAPONE  with Utako Arakawa and many others.



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guitar: Maurice Rugebregt
drum:  Oene van Geel

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Furusato (The Earth) ふるさと | Japone Artists (Official MV)
Japone Artists

Furusato (The Earth) ふるさと | Japone Artists (Official MV)

Japone Artists' official music video for "Furusato (The Earth) / ふるさと" Download/Streaming: FURUSATO (The Earth): Mother Earth, the beautiful blue planet. We are all together on the same spaceship, the earth which is our home and birthplace. It calls “FURUSATO” in Japanese. But present-day mankind is harming the earth too much and she has gotten into a critical situation for all species. And now we are facing a difficult time. We have a deep responsibility to take care of the earth for the sake of future generations. Japone Artists dedicate this piece and music video to our beautiful planet with our prayer for love and peace for mother earth, nature, and people. “ふるさと(The Earth)” 母なる地球、美しい青い星。 私達は、地球という同じ宇宙船に、皆一緒に住んでいます。 それは、“ふるさと” 、私達の家であり生まれ故郷。 しかし、人類は地球をひどく傷つけてしまっており、 全ての生物・種族は、危機的な状態におちいり、 現在、私達は大変に困難な時に直面しています。 それでも私達は、未来の世代のために、 地球を守り託していく大きな責任があります。 ジャポネ・アーティスツは、このミュージック・ビデオを、 心からの祈りを込めて、我らの母なる美しい地球に捧げます。 Credits: Music: Ayumi Matsuda Lyric: Utako Arakawa Vocals: Utako Arakawa Recorder: Ayumi Matsuda Piano: Yoshimi Kawai Bass: Yusuke Morita Dance: Kazuma Glen Motomura Programming: Yusuke Morita Sound mixing and editing: Yusuke Morita Video Filming: Hiromi Haneda Screen-Art and Video editing: Hiromi Haneda Learn more about Japone Artists: ★★Website: ★★Facebook: ★★Instagram: ★★Twitter: #JaponeArtists #Furusato #Japanesemusic
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