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11 March 2012, Mediamatic Bank (Amsterdam)

Moving forward after the Japan Earthquake The earthquake that hit Japan on the 11th of March 2011 and the nuclear disaster that followed have had a profound impact on our lives. Since these tragic events, Japanese people everywhere, including those in Holland, have been struggling with the effects on a daily basis. The impact of the Japan Earthquake raises critical questions regarding our future patterns of living, including the use of nuclear power. The event must not be forgotten.

We feel a strong urge to take some action and generate hope for the future! On the 11th of March 2012, we’ll come together in the center of Amsterdam to reflect on the disaster, and to rethink problems arising over the past year.



- 11.00 Opening -

- 12.00 Presentation | Report from the Tsunami-hit areas

- 13.00 Presentation | Facts not covered by the Japanese Mass-Media

- 13.30 Presentation | Skype interview from Fukushima

- 14.00 Concert | Flute (Japanese classic tunes) & Kids concert

- 14.49 A minute’s silence (the moment of the Earthquake)

- 15.00 Lecture and Q&A | Green and Wise talk by Peer de Rijk (WISE Amsterdam), Martijn Overman (Green Choice) and Jorien de Lege (Greenpeace): Dutch view of the disaster in Japan and comparison of Dutch and Japanese approaches to domestic energy issues

- 16.00 Lecture | Consequences of exposure to ionizing radiation for health by Yuka Mizusawa (Researcher, AMC)

- 17.00 Demonstration | taking charge of your own health by Okido Yoga Nederland

- 17.40 Lecture | ‘Fall out Japan’ – Kyoko Onishi, Founder of Europe Yakuzen, and expert in ‘Medicinal Cuisine’ talks about her view of the Japan earthquake, our future survival and her mission in Fukushima and Tohoku Area.

- 19.00 Dance & Music Performance | by Makiko Ito & Michael Schumacher with live Music by DJ Sniff

- 20.00 Closing: A minute’s silence



Entrance: 219 people

Fund raising: € 5560.8 + $ 7.00 +¥100

All contributions have been donated to the initiatives:

- Watarido Pokapoka Project - Child Care Support -

Tsunagari-Nukumori Project - General Support - Minami-Sanriku Ryosi Genki Project

- Local Business Support

- Fumbaro east Japan project

- volunteer network based on a new support mode

Additional events


Sat 29.7 Sunday July 2012

Human chain action for Nuclear Free World

Sat 24 November 2012

Location: Japans Cultureel Centrum

The event included the following Program:

- 12:30 doors open

- 13:00 STUDY TALK SHOW start!

- 13:10 Skype talk show by Mr. Idogawa, a mayor of Futaba town, Fukushima + Q&A video above Break video
- 13:50 Speech of Mr. Nico van der Stok, Animal Rights For Japan + Q&A video
- 14:30 Skype talk show by the Lawyer Mr. Yanagihara, Fukushima collective evacuation trial + Q&A video above - 15:30 Performance by Utako Arakawa (opera), Body poet (dance), Ayumi Matsuda (flute) video

- 16:10 Skype talk show by Mr. Honda, World Network For Saving Children From Radiation + Q&A video above
- 16:40 Open discussion video

- 17:10 Ending event

All contributions have been donated to:

The Fukushima collective evacuation trial
Fukushima network for saving children from radiation

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