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8 March 2015 at Lloyd Hotel, Amsterdam

TALKS Talks can be reviewed in IWJ by following this link


Slides “Fukushima accident – a personal recollection of an “antimatter” physicist” by Ryugo Hayano via this link

Fundraising €388.30 euro

- Matsumoto Gakuen €261.20 (¥34612)

- Movie “Super Local Hero” €127.10




11.00 Opening

11.10 Skype talk: The Community-based Small Hydraulic Power and other Green Energies in Japan;
the widespread  and the challenges” by Masaru Nakajima, the secretary-general of J-WatER
(Japanese Water Energy Research Center)

12.30 Skype talk:  The Situation in Fukushima, Japan’s Energy Policy - with Akiko Yoshida, Friends of the Earth Japan

14.00 Performance: The interview for futures -  with Niko Bocev, Philip Versluis, Hikaru Angelopoulos, Ayumi Matsuda

14.45 Presentation: Fukushima Accident - a personal recollection of an ‘antimatter’ physicist“, by Ryugo Hayano


16.00 Discussion with Ryugo


17.00 Film: Super Local Hero (90 min, director: Toshinori Tanaka, English subtitles)

*There will be Q&A after each talk



Handout & Photo exhibition: Possible influence on animals and plants due to radioactive contamination 
Photo gallery by Animal Rights for Japan

Exhibitions: Repairing Earthquake Project by Nishiko

Workshop: Jumping-Power Plant by Team HSJ

Report: Four years after Fukushima: Chronicle and Movies of Gloomy Truth by HSJ accusation team

Food: Various yummy food stands!


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