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Location: Stichting Mediamatic 

The event included the installation jumping power plant  by dutch a project rtist Gabey Tjon a Tham.
In her work she transforms spaces into a sensory environment by using kinetic machines, light and sound wherein choreographies with both a mechanical and natural character arise.


For the jumping power plant project she researches the artistic possibilities of generating light with alternative sources of energy. How can these principles be applied to art installations in the public space and how do they interact with the audience? She is curious what complexity physical movement can evoke to generate groups of light instead of being controlled by the computer. Furthermore she experiments with different surfaces and materials that can serve as generators for electricity.

Together with the scientists and artists from the Jumping power plant team she is developing a prototype that can be realised on a large scale in 2017. In this collaboration she is excited what she can learn from the expertise of scientists and vice versa, considering the material and techniques she’s using as well in her works. On the other hand she hopes to discover potentiality in the unintentional purposes of these new technologies.

jumping plant logo.jpg

The event as well included a round table discussion with Liesbeth van Tongeren (GroenLinks), Naoko Richters


13:10 Talk: Skype talk with Yoichi Matsuki on his research into radiation exposure of farm animals in Chernobyl and Fukushima over the past three years

14:20 Talk: A perspective on citizen’s commitment by Kjeld Duits and Naoko Richters

15:30 Presentation: Reflecting on the three years after 3/11 by Wim Turkenburg

15:40 Discussion: Round ta ble discussion “Energy policy without nuclear”with Peer (moderator, WISE International)

Guests: Liesbeth van Tongeren (GroenLinks), Wim Turkenburg,

16:50 Kamishibai by Donge school kids and Ayumi & Hikaru Matsuda

17:30 Presentation: The Myce lium Project of Mediamatic by Willem Velthoven, Mediamatic

18:10 Cinema evening: “A2-B-C” by Ian Thomas Ash

- Hope Step Post  by Masaaki Oyamada

- Fukushima Namazu by Arne Hendriks

- Jumping-Power Plant by Team HSJ


- The Sound of March 11  by Yota Morimoto

PURBomb  by Erwin Nederhoff


- Three years after Fukushima: a visual and chronological picture”by HSJ accusation team

- The effects of radioactivity on animals and plants” by Animal Rights for Japan

- HSJ Library: Interviews, publications


various yummy food stands!

€8 Free for children under 12
*€5 euros for Mediamatic membership €3 euros for supporting our activities

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