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It has already been two years since the Japan earthquake happened on 11 March 2011. The affected areas still being rebuilt and Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster is still ongoing today. The number of Japanese families who move from Japan to the Netherlands because of this situation is growing.


Why are the Japanese government, big energy companies like TEPCO, and giant mass media not giving us the facts nor telling us the truth? Why is it so problematic not to have nuclear power in Japan? We could not help wonder what the earthquake and disaster showed us two years ago. Living outside of Japan, we have been baffled by the information reaching us each day via mass media and Internet, and we’re worried about the way Japan conducts herself.


The national election last December put the Liberal-Democratic Party (Japan’s most conservative party) back into power and since then a pro-nuclear policy has been pushed forward, even after such a nuclear disaster. Meanwhile, in the Netherlands, people who are pro-nuclear are in a minority and the country is rather heading to a future with green energies. The smart grid is further developed, politics and people’s lives are more closely connected, and freedom of speech is better protected than in Japan. We have many questions about the current situation in Japan. So two years after the earthquake, we intend to come together to think about our future, and to reflect on what has and what hasn’t been done since last year’s Hope Step Japan!


We will be remembering the victims of the disaster: the people who lost their lives in the earthquake and tsunami. But we will also re-state the fact that we are the ones who will build our future.

Saturday 9th March 2013 13:00 – 20:00

Location: Mediamatic Fabriek, Amsterdam


- 13.00 l Opening

- 13:30 l Presentation Facts not covered by the Japanese Mass-Media 1

- 14.00 l Talk Experience through artwork about the disaster in Japan, 2011 by Nishiko and Keiko Sato

- 14.30 l Kamishibai “The Story of Hans Brinker” Illustrations by Alex de Wolf

- 15.00 l Presentation Skype talk on Tsunami Debris by Koshiro Yoshida

- 15.30 l Presentation “Voices of Fukushima now” by Masamichi Watanabe

- 16.30 l Music “Musica d’amore” by Utako Arakawa (soprano), Asako Ogawa (violin), Ayumi Matsuda (recorder)
- 17.00 l Talk “Building up a sustainable future” by Ger Baron, Amsterdam Smart City

- 18.00 l Talk “Moving out Japan” by Mr. Sugiyama

- 18.50 l Talk “Current Nuclear Climate” by Peer de Rijk, WISE International

- 19.40 l Dance Performance “Repairing Earthquake project” by Nishiko Exhibition: “After the earthquake” by Juri Suzuki Performance:

All day

Live Stamping by Masaaki Oyamada

Food: Europe Yakuzen (Medicinal Cooking) food stand

Ustream (Live streaming) by IWJ (Independent Web Journal


137 people

Funds raising | € 1414.16 All the contribution has been donated to these initiatives;

The Fukushima Collective Evacuation Trial Team


 10th March 2013 “Short trip, Anti-nuclear demonstration, Belgium” in collaboration with WISE Amsterdam

4th September 2013
STUDY TALK SHOW at Japans Cultureel Centrum, Amsterdam

Guest speakers: Mr. Wim Turkenburg (Professor of Utrecht University) and Mr.Kazushi Matsumoto
(HSJ Accusation team)

Screening: “Misato san” by Manus Sweeney

Staff: Emiko Chujo, Yutaka Endo, Juri Suzuki, Ayumi Matsuda, Eiko Ishizawa,

Yasuko Endo, Mina Maeda, Yurie Umamoto, Eri Iwata

17th November 2013 
STUDY DAY at Maarten Luther Kerk, Amsterdam

15 attendees 

Guest speakers: Tashi Iwaoka (HSJ), Keiko Sato
Misato san, Fukushima city by Manus Sweeney 
Record of Coastal Landscape, version IIDATE/ FUKUSHIMA by Hikaru Fujii

Staff: Emiko Chujo, Eri Iwata, Nishiko, Tashi Iwaoka, Sayaka Akitsu, Ayumi Matsuda, Juri Suzuki,
Hiroomi Horiuchi, Nao Ishizaka